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  • Is a Czech mid-sized IT company founded in 1990.
  • Develops, customizes and implements information systems.
  • Delivers wide range of IT solutions to several hundreds of customers including companies, governmental institutions and non-profit organizations.
  • Proudly fulfills its motto “Stability, Reliability, Cooperation”.

Our products and solutions

  • Orsoft
    Orsoft is our key product, an All-in-One ERP solution, with vertical modules for some industries. Orsoft has been developed since company foundation.
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM
    Microsoft Dynamics CRM is a worldwide popular solution for Customer Relationship Management. In 2005, ORTEX started to work with very early version of Microsoft CRM. Since that time, we’ve been providing implementation, customization, support and smart Add-Ons for Microsoft CRM.
  • Business Intelligence
    We are experts in providing Business Intelligence solutions, modern technique how to get useful information from enormous amounts of data. Such information is a key source of decision making process.
  • Microsoft Online Services
    Microsoft Online Services is Microsoft's hosted software offering. Microsoft Online Services are hosted by Microsoft and sold and supported by Microsoft partners. Microsoft Online Services include Exchange Online, SharePoint Online and other online services. Office 365 is a newest joined offering of these services, formerly known as BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite).
  • ECON
    Out-of-the-box software providing financial analysis as ROA, ROI, ROE and other, helping customers to understand their financial health.

Our services

ORTEX is not just a software developer or vendor. We cover complete life cycle of our customer’s information systems. It includes:

  • Software development and tailor-made customizations
  • Analysis, consultation, installation and implementation
  • Maintenance, support, hot-line and remote administration
  • Courses and training
  • System services (configuration, monitoring, back-up and other) of Microsoft and Linux based solutions


ORTEX cooperates with many both global and local companies to deliver the most complex and professional solutions to our customers. The most valuable ones are partnerships with companies IBM, Microsoft and Oracle.

We are members of IT Cluster of Hradec Králové, and we cooperate closely with University of Hradec Králové.


ORTEX spol. s r.o. (ORTEX Ltd.) was founded on September 18th, 1990, in the early days of free market in Czechoslovakia. In the beginning, the firm was run by a group of about twenty experts, all highly experienced in IT projects in a branch of the textile industry. In the following 3-4 years, the firm has grown to its present size of more than 70 people and it entered segments of the IT market in which it enjoys its current success. Our customers are derived from various areas including: food and beverages, manufacturing, wholesaling, utilities (water) and public sector.

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Microsoft Gold Certified Partner

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Industry Awards Finalist 2009

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